Travelling Around Cape Town

There’s no wonder the city of Cape Town has once again taken the coveted title of ‘Best City to Travel to’, for the fifth consecutive year. If we could describe Cape Town in just four words, it would be eclectic, vibrant, easy-going and without a doubt, breathtaking. Yet, those are still not the only reasons why Cape Town is a fantastic city to visit.

What makes the city stand out above the rest is the fact that it’s exceptionally tourist-friendly, without compromising on that authentic, ‘local’ feel. The ‘tourist’ hot spots, activities and attractions are thoroughly enjoyed by locals too – bridging the divide between visitor and resident. The way people get around in Cape Town is a great example of this. Some of the transport services are geared towards tourists – especially the services that focus on sightseeing, however, it’s likely you’ll see many a local hop on. Whether it’s a formal public transport system, a sightseeing bus, or a relaxed ‘rent-a-bike’ transport service; it’s used (and loved) by locals and tourists alike.

Popular Ways To Travel in Cape Town:

    • My-Citi Bus

The My-Citi Bus is a public transport system which picks up and drops passengers at designated pick-up and drop-off points located around the city. One is required to purchase a my-connect card, in order to use the service. It is essential you keep up to date with the route and stop timetables of the MyCiti Bus so that you are aware of which station you need to be in relation to your destination, as well as the pick-up times.


MyCiti Bus Stop
MyCiti Bus Routes - Cape Town
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    • City Sightseeing Bus

The City Sightseeing Bus is a Cape Town favourite – and you can’t miss them. This double-decker red bus, which closely resembles the famous London bus, travels through Cape Town in search of the most picturesque locations and attractions. This bus not only transports you to your desired location, it also offers you unrivalled views of the city.


    • Rent-a-Bike

There are many rent-a-bike services, however, Up-cycles is the best (and most loved) – only because they are situated on the Sea Point Promenade. You pay for the amount of time you keep the bike – and you’re not restricted as to how far you can go.

Rent a Bicycle in Cape Town
    • Public Train

The Cape Town train service is still a great way to get around, although may not be as popular as the bus services. However, it is still the quickest way to get from point A to B, and it has more routes and travels to more places.

    • Uber

Uber is, of course, a great way to get around any city – and Cape Town is no different. All you need to do is download the app, link it to your bank account, and look for the nearest Uber to you!

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