Cape Town is never short of unique and inspiring experiences or magical weekend adventures, with something new and intriguing around every corner. There are, however, those truly special spots that will keep a flame burning long after your first visit and will keep you coming back for more. Something that is so easy to slide into your weekend routine or well worth the special effort to see. A true inner-city treasure, Oranjezicht is a favourite area among locals for there is an abundance to do and see in it and its surrounds.

De Waal Park

The area is rich with history and is a melting pot of all traditions and cultures. It is the ideal destination for tourists visiting the Mother City as it is close enough to feel the pulsating energy of the bustling city but far enough to disconnect and rejuvenate your soul, perhaps somewhere historical like The Company Gardens or under a tree in De Waal Park. Oranjezicht is a community of residents from far and wide who take pride in the endless possibilities the city has to offer, join the resident initiated City Walk Saturdays or stroll through the Urban Farm which origins can be traced back to 1709, as well as where the areas name is derived from – ‘Oranje Zigt.

Perfectly situated in the cities suburban centre Oranjezicht is the perfect location for a mix of cultures and colours, leaving you with a lasting whimsical blend of exotic seaside adventure and city centre chic. Climb the famous Lions Head or take a cable car up the iconic Table Mountain – even walk the streets of the Mother City’s surrounds and take in the breathtaking ever picturesque sights. In fact, Cape Town is so beautiful so unfathomably cinematic that it’s actually rude. The streets leafy midwestern suburbs are speckled with architectural genius, innovative design and a rich history that’s hard to ignore. Oranjezicht will surely steal your heart and you’ll be planning your next trip before your last one even ends.

De Waal Park - Oranjezicht

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